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In this era of large medical practices, women have come to expect that whichever doctor is on call when they go into labor will deliver their baby. But that’s not how Dunwoody OB/GYN, LLC, in Dunwoody, Georgia, treats expectant mothers. The practice is limited to two physicians because they want to keep it as close to a solo practice as possible. Unless there’s an emergency, you can count on attention from your doctor at each pregnancy visit and during delivery. To schedule a prenatal appointment, call the office or use the online booking feature.

Pregnancy Q & A

What should I expect during pregnancy care?

Your prenatal care is scheduled at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy, with more frequent appointments as you get closer to your delivery date. At every visit, you can count on personal attention from your Dunwoody OB/GYN, LLC, doctor.

On rare occasions, when there’s a hospital or other emergency that prevents them from being in the office, you may see the other doctor. But the dedicated team ensures you see your doctor 99% of the time.

During prenatal appointments, your doctor answers your questions and helps you with the range of issues affecting pregnant women, from morning sickness to nutrition and diet, and worries about weight gain. At specific times during your pregnancy, you have routine blood or urine tests to check for health concerns that affect you and your baby. 

You will learn about planning for your time in the hospital, anesthesia options during delivery, the stages of vaginal birth, and what to expect if you need a cesarean section. Your doctor is with you throughout your delivery and also provides your postpartum care.

When will I have obstetrical ultrasounds?

Your doctor at Dunwoody OB/GYN, LLC, may perform an in-office ultrasound at any time during your pregnancy. In some cases, women need an ultrasound on their first visit to confirm their pregnancy and determine their baby’s age. You may also need an ultrasound in your third trimester to carefully analyze your baby’s development.

The ultrasound parents always look forward to—the one where they learn of their baby’s gender—is done in the second trimester at about 20 weeks. This ultrasound is an anatomy scan that allows your doctor to measure your baby and carefully evaluate their development.

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

Dunwoody OB/GYN, LLC, provides care throughout high-risk pregnancies. A high-risk pregnancy is one in which the health of the baby or the mother is at risk. The most common causes of a high-risk pregnancy are:

  • Gestational diabetes
  • Hypertension during pregnancy
  • Incompetent cervix
  • Twin pregnancy (multiples)
  • Risk of premature labor
  • Mother aged 35 and older
  • Prior cesarean section
  • Prior low birth weight baby
  • Prior early delivery

Your pregnancy is also considered to be a high risk if you have chronic health diseases such as heart disease.

Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you’re already pregnant, compassionate care is available at Dunwoody OB/GYN, LLC. Call or schedule an appointment online.